Tuesday, December 7, 2010

End of Semester projects

This picture was one of the pictures on the checklist. This was just any project I wanted to do so I took a frog's face and put it on a husky dog.

This was a black and white picture that I had to make better. As you can see I changed the grass, the color of the bench, and the bricks in front of the bench by the road.

We also had to make ourselves on the front of a book cover. I went and found a book off of google and then I just moved my face onto it.

This is just a collage I made of myself. This was another picture that was on the checklist that we had to get done.

Like the book cover I just moved my face onto the body of the actual person who is in the movie. In this case I also put my name in at the top. I replaced David Spade in this movie ( sorry David).

And like the book cover and the movie poster, I put my face here on the cover of Sports Illustrated NBA preview.

Sorry about the same picture I don't know what happened but the basketball and eagle head is a logo that I made. This could maybe be a logo for our O'Neill Eagles in the future.

This is an old photo that I had to restore. I didn't restore the whole picture just the sky and the buildings behind it. I thought it looked kind of cool leaving the car and person black and white while bringing color to the background of the picture.

Mr. Peterson gave us a funny photo to work with and to use it in anyway we wanted to (the funny picture is the phone if you didn't know). So I put the Grinch talking into it, well screaming Hello into it.

And this is just a T-Shirt design that I made. It's a shirt for the TCU Horned Frogs.